How much investment required to open a yoga studio?

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Selling Yoga mats, water bottles, fitness accessories, clothing, or supplements can help you add more revenue. The entire industry generated 15 percent of its revenue from Pilates and Yoga certification training, and 14 percent from merchandise sales. Non-traditional approaches include using social media or websites to attract traffic. You can create a business profile on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn where you can market your outfit. You can also take services provided by companies promoting your outfits.

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You don’t want to assume rapid membership growth and not allocate your money appropriately. For lenders and business partners, this will be the most important section for them to analyze if they want to give money to your business. This section will outline the funding you already have and how much you still need. In addition to the amount of funding, a breakdown of how the funds are being used for startup and ongoing costs.

If you plan to sell any merchandise in your studio, you can list the products and prices. The average yogi will spend$62,000+ on yoga in their lifetime. Decor and interior design are key because they create the ambience and vibe of your entire studio!

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This way the students will not be too spread out throughout the classes and this will give the impression of the studio feeling more full. When first found my yoga studio space, I had a handful of yoga students that I knew and trusted to come and give me their honest opinion. I realized that they were honored with the fact that I valued their oiniojn and this made them feel part of the project. Most yoga studios have wooden floors and a cheaper option is laminate flooring.

Think about how many students you expect per session and choose a location that comfortably accommodates that many people. Generally speaking, you will need about 600 square feet, or 55 square meters, to fit 15 to 20 people. For any location, you must ensure it falls under your budget. You should consider more than just rent and utilities to get an accurate idea of how much you might need to spend. Renovation costs, salary requirements, taxes, and other expenses should be factored in. In addition, if you have employees, you will also have to consider their salaries as an ongoing expense.

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Explore what the quality of teaching is like and what offerings they have. Depending on your target area, consider how clients will get to your yoga studio. You could create the most wonderful space, but if it’s challenging to get to via public transport or if there is nowhere to park, then people won’t bother. When it comes to choosing the right location, you really need to know your demographic.


Keep these helpful in mind to make the process seamless and set your business up for success. With numbers like that, of course you want to start a yoga studio. But going from yoga teacher to small business owner isn’t an easy transition, especially in the hyper-competitive fitness industry. Some studio owners are about to self-fund their studio by teaching yoga without a studio. It can be much more cost-effective to rent a space or use a free location .

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Consider what kind of experience you want your students to have, how you want them to feel during interacting with your brand and what sets your studio apart from others in the area. Use this information to develop a brand personality that resonates with your target audience and is reflected in your logo, website, and marketing communication. Opening a yoga studio can be a lucrative venture in the long run, but it’s important to recognize that it’s not a “get-rich-quick” business model.

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Buying or renting a location for your yoga studio is the biggest expense for your business. So, if you invest in a location that has any of the problems above, you are simply wasting your money and will not have ROI . The thing about hiring employees is that if you do it wrong, you can permanently damage your business. The wrong staff members can cause many downgrades in your progress.

More importantly, they will help you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your yoga business. To maximize profit, owners need to understand exactly how much money comes into their yoga business and how much goes out. Analyzing the profit margin is one of the most important factors in determining the success of a business and what an owner gets paid. You should start by checking the price of your competition closest to your location and go from there. You can also get creative with pricing by offering a flat monthly rate for unlimited classes, or a discounted rate for clients who purchase a specific number of classes in advance.

Get assistance from one of the local associations listed in the US Small Business Association’s directory of local business resources. Separate personal and business expenses by putting your business’ expenses all in one place. When your personal and business accounts are mixed, your personal assets are at risk in the event your business is sued.

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However, friends and family may be interested in investing in your yoga studio. The most important consideration to make is if the studio can be profitable. Before you start looking at how much money you could make, you need to understand how much money it costs to open and run a studio. On average, the cost of opening a yoga studio is $30,000-$50,000. This amount can vary wildly based on your location and business model. If you’re passionate about yoga and are considering starting a yoga studio, this proven blueprint will guide you through the process of opening a thriving yoga studio step-by-step.

If you’re a gym owner looking for new ways of keeping your members engaged, try virtual fitness challenges. The challenges come in several shapes and they aim to help participants achieve specific fitness goals or create new habits. Challenges typically involve running, walking, cycling, swimming, squatting, or completing any other exercise type. Instead, think about offering incentivized deals such as “two classes for the price of one” as a way more successful tactic for gaining momentum.

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The more solid foundation you lay, the more likely you are to succeed. This is why creating a strong brand identity is a crucial step in opening a profitable yoga studio. Be careful not to encroach on the territory of a studio offering the same types of services and classes. Obviously, such close competition might make it tougher for you to attract and retain students.

Personalized merchandise, such as t-shirts, sippers, yoga mats, and water bottles can help boost your revenue. Research numbers show that retail items are a significant component of the thriving yoga economy, and generally speaking, yoga enthusiasts have a strong affinity for branded apparel. In our blog post, how to actually set your yoga class prices, we cover all the bases when it comes to pricing your yoga sessions. You can use it to research and develop a fair and competitive price structure for your studio.


You want a space that’s both welcoming to clients and practical for the classes you’re offering. Especially at first, in order to keep costs down, you will most likely be doing everything yourself. Teaching classes, cleaning, sorting bookings, dealing with payments, managing the social media and answering the phone. All these tasks are demanding and so as the studio grows consider outsourcing. With a fixed-rate fee, your teachers will be paid the same whether the studio is empty or full.

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Also, some loans and grants will show up every day while others will come 2-3 times a week. Employee wages are an ongoing expense that will need to be taken into consideration when assessing the cost to open a yoga studio. In the US a yoga instructor makes an average of around $24.96 per hour according to PayScale. Some yoga classes use blocks and straps, which cost between $10 and $20 apiece from Gaiam.

Attend classes and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Talk to students and find out what they like and dislike about their current yoga studio. You might be able to go on a trip spontaneously and without a plan. But, you cannot simply start a business and open a studio impulsively.

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