How to Use Facts in Opinion Writing & Persuasive Writing

For example, in an opinionated paper about vegetarianism, you might include the supporting detail that eating meat creates more greenhouse gases. You would then include a source as evidence to support your claim. Opinion writing is a higher-level skill that makes many demands on our students. This activity can also be used as a lead-in to opinion writing as it works well as a prewriting preparation exercise. The complexity of the issue to be discussed and debated can easily be modified to suit the abilities of the students too. This means that it is essential that consideration be given to the character of the intended audience.

  • Unfortunately, there is no error-free way to test a student’s ability.
  • In addition, cats only meow softly and do not bark loudly like dogs.
  • Present it so that your reader understands your central argument, and focus and so that you can signal your readers about your position on the topic.
  • However, it is even more important to be able to reason correctly, to justify one’s own opinion, and also to prove it.
  • You may even pose a question to the reader and offer suggestions.

Opinion writing is all about you giving your point of view or perspective in a layered manner. By layering, we mean that you support your opinion with examples and explanations. Our experienced writers will write a perfect opinion essay for you.

3 Outline

Instead, begin a new paragraph only when you want to discuss another idea. If you are writing a longer opinion essay, say eight pages and beyond, you can end your introduction by briefly describing the contents of every section of the essay. Thus, you provide a roadmap of your essay so that your reader grasps the structure and has a preview of how you will develop arguments in your opinion essay. Finally, present your thesis statement in your last one or two sentences.

  • However, opinion essays allow the teacher to examine everyone and ensure that the topic has been mastered.
  • In such essays, authors usually try to persuade the readers that their opinion is the correct one.
  • The argument and counter argument form an argumentative cycle that can continue for several cycles.
  • Moreover, no one limits the number of these same arguments, and often it depends on the maximum volume of the text itself.
  • When you first get assigned to write an opinion essay, you may feel overwhelmed.

Our comprehensive opinion essay guide inspires your confidence as a writer from the beginning, mid-way, to the end. In essence, you can form an opinion on college essay editing services just about anything. And if you can form an opinion on it, you can easily turn it into an opinion essay just by following a basic opinion essay structure.

What is an Opinion Essay

Tell students that today they will continue drafting their opinion essays, writing their first proof paragraph. The basic design of this lesson supports ELLs with opportunities to work closely with essay structure, building on their understanding one paragraph at a time. In this lesson, students focus exclusively on Proof Paragraph 1 of their opinion essay. Be sure to carefully present the opinion essay thesis statement in the first paragraph, so the reader has no difficulty figuring out what goal you pursued by writing the paper. This will also provide your audience with a roadmap that will let them know what path your argument will follow and how your essay corresponds with the title. If you’re anything like us, you love to give your opinion on everything. Whether it’s what you think about the new blockbuster movie or who you think will win the Super Bowl, you just can’t help yourself.

Just like there are different subject areas to learn, there are also different types of essays you may come across—with each having a unique purpose for writing it. So, it’s important to develop writing law dissertation a true understanding of which type of essay your teacher is asking you to write before you actually get started. This is a step by step presentation on how to write an opinion essay.

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Take a look at this guide from our dissertation writing service to learn how to write an opinion essay like an expert. Still, as one wants to maintain academic style structure for opinionated writing, it is necessary to mention an opposite view right before conclusion paragraph.

  • When writing the opinion essay introduction, state your personal opinion and provide supporting evidence to make your case stronger and more convincing.
  • Keep in mind that examples are the main pieces of evidence that will help the reader follow your line of reasoning, so be really careful in selecting them.
  • Unlike an argumentative or persuasive essay where you offer counterarguments or counterpoints, you focus more on your opinion about an issue at hand in an opinion essay.
  • How well you understand an issue will be apparent in your essay.
  • Social media networks may be compared to invisible role models that dictate fashion and moral standards.

Ever felt you missed out on the real English class in school. This article would show you all you ever needed to know in English Language. TV today – today TV shows overdramatize reality while dumbing down the educational content of programming. This section is the third cycle and serves to rebut – or refute — the counterargument presented in the second cycle. You do this by restating the counterargument and then providing evidence to counter it.


Your child should be able to write a 4-5 paragraph essay. Your child should use transitions and cite facts from provided texts. In the second half of the year, your child should cite two different articles in their essay. Opinions can’t be “wrong,” but they can certainly be ill-informed.

Here you are expected to have good arguments and examples that will become your assistants in proving your case. Brainstorm Future Topic – select from several opinion essay topics so one can see if chosen research meets course requirements.

Look at the essay and do the exercises to improve your writing skills

The aim of this part is to provoke the reader to participate in a dialogue, to identify the relevance and the urgency of the given issue. As the author, you should think over the discussed later moment that a person should understand when reading your introduction. In addition, the tone of the whole opinion essay depends on this part. First of all, you should choose your position on the topic and your stand. It means whether you agree or disagree with the topic of the essay. It is also useful to make a list of ideas and arguments for them. An opinion essay aims explaining something from a subjective position of a writer, proving some idea or convincing someone of anything.

Trivial points should be eliminated, and all the matching ideas should be put together. Use this when you don’t want to fully commit to an opinion. In my opinion, a good education is more important than a good car. This evidence can be a journal article, a lecture, a textbook, or something else which is a trustworthy source of information. This is especially true if you are using some of the stronger phrases. Provide a concluding statement or section related to the opinion presented. I have read Privacy Policy and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Persuasive writing Topics for High School students

Like any other type of writing, an opinion essay has characteristics that make it unique. And, of course, to compose a competent text, you need to know about them. Expository essays explain the help with opinion essay reasons why something is a certain way without taking a side. Argumentative essays also demonstrate why something is correct, but they do not rely on emotions as much as persuasive essays do.

Another effective technique is to use a quote, whether it’s their own or someone else’s. Still another approach is to present a series of questions that prompts the reader to consider your viewpoint. Second paragraph – provides evidence to support the author\’s position. You introduce the topic by restating the question or the title cheap dissertation editing services of the essay in your own words. Here you have to say if you agree or not with the question or the title of the essay. Ask the reader a question that leads into your opinion. For instance, if you’re writing about being a vegetarian, you might ask the reader about the last time he or she ate a meal that was entirely plant-based.

Can You Use Personal Pronoun in an Argumentative Essay?

Besides, considering such components might help you to depict reasons for a specific viewpoint that you mention in the essay. If you are, you do not have to worry about developing an opinion essay thesis statement. The process is the same because an opinion essay thesis is a central idea or argument you want the entire essay to be about. It is the idea that the body paragraphs will be expounding and developing. Remember to have a clear thesis so that you have a focused opinion essay. To do this, refer to your thesis each time you are writing the paper. In a nutshell, our article has comprehensively covered the opinion writing process.

What are the 3 sentences for your introduction?

There are three parts to an introduction: the opening statement, the supporting sentences, and the introductory topic sentence.

Third paragraph – explains the consequences of taking the action that the first paragraph describes. A cat is an ideal pet for me because I am an introvert. There is a dispute between those who love dogs and those who love cats.

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By following these exact steps in this order, you’ll learn how to write an opinion essay right the first time. And it will make every other opinion essay you write in the future that much easier. While it may be tempting to skip this step, you definitely don’t want to do that. Creating an outline helps you organize your essay in a thoughtful way and decide the best place to include each piece of evidence you’ve collected. Plus, it stops you from writing an essay that is too short or so long that you sound like you’re rambling on.

  • Before writing anything, it is essential to refer to important information.
  • Generally speaking, an opening paragraph gives way to body paragraphs.
  • Your child should use transitions and cite facts from provided texts.
  • And in them, you can see what reasons for this and what it can lead to.

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